Hello, and welcome to Saphire Massage.

Here at Saphire Massage I believe every person is a gem. As soon as we are born, people are pretty, shiny, and new. They sparkle in the eyes of the world. As time continues though, people start to get stiffer, more tense, and injured from time to time. This dulls our edges; covers up our brightness and sparkle with dirt, mud, and rock. Now we need to be dug out, buffed, and polished to restore our glow. I am gem cutter that restores a person sparkle and shine.

As you may already know, massages are seen as nice and relaxing. Probably used more as a treat for yourself after a job well done correct? Unfortunately if you are looking for that you probably should go search for a spa. This is not for those who just want to de-stress from a hard days work. 

This is for people who want to get better, more loose, and/or out of pain/tension.